Atención nuevas enfermedades en nuestra raza detectadas en Suecia. Ya hay 4 casos.

A continuación reproducimos el texto tal cual nos ha sido remitido por el Club del Perro de Agua Español en Suecia.


Here is information on NAD a disease that we have had four cases in Sweden.
Best regards the committee by Christina Öberg.

c/o Jenny Linderoth
Knoppbacka Gård
749 51 Grillby

Information from the Swedish Perro de Agua Español Club (SPDAEK) to all clubs of the breed around the world about the disease Neuroaxonal Dystrophia (NAD).

Unfortunately, a new disease has been discovered within our breed Perro de Agua Español.
The first discovered case in Sweden was at the end of 2012.
The symptoms that the affected dogs have shown are as follows:

  • The dog walks around in circles
  • The dog has spastic (stiff) movements
  • The dog shows uncontrolled movements
  • The dog has difficulties in moving its hind quarters or other parts of its body
  • The dog is unable to wag its tail
  • The dog has difficulties in holding its urine

In Sweden thus far, we have had four affected cases from three different breeding combinations. These four dogs have been put to sleep before the age of two because there is no treatment for the disease.
Veterinarian Cecilia Rohdin from Sweden has been able to develop a DNA test for the disease in cooperation with SPDAEK and geneticist Cord Droegemueller from Switzerland. The DNA test results are classified as clear, carrier or affected by the mutation. More information can be found in the attached “testing form”.
In Sweden we have discovered that dogs born as early as 1998 are carriers. Therefore, it is important that both young and old dogs are tested.
SPDAEK wants to encourage all breeders of Perro de Agua Español in the world to test their dogs so we all together can eradicate this horrible, and in all cases, deadly disease.
Attachment: Neuroaxonal Dystrophia (NAD) Testing Form

SPDAEK will gratefully receive a copy of the test results, sent to: Please include names and registration numbers of the parents of the tested dog, in the email.
All incoming results will be published on SPDAEK’s homepage:

Kind regards,
Veronica Tuszkay, president of SPDAEK.